Friday, January 26, 2007

Selecting a domain name

Choosing a domain name for your online business can seem to be the most easiest thing on earth, before you start searching for one with any domain registrar.
The first thing that you would come across is a search result saying, "The domain name is already taken" and you would wonder what next. The same easy thing would now seem difficult.
A few simple things to keep in mind when you decide to go online with your business is:

  • Choose a name that reflects your nature of business. This could be anything in your product range which could symbolise your line of business.
  • Take a pen and paper and write combinations of names that you would like to give your website, keeping in mind that the name has to reflect your nature of business.
  • Also keep in mind that these names should not be containing more than 3 word phrases. for eg: is fine but prefer not to go for
  • Names with a hyphen (-) would also do but is not recommended because it is dificult to narrate your website's name with a hyphen in it.
  • Preferably write about 10 combination of names.
  • Arrange the names in a descending order of preference.
  • Search and find the most suitable name for you website.